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Strange Fascination — No.3 Media Group

Strange Fascination — No.3 Media Group.


Whiskyfun January 2005 – 2.

Ordering on-demand booze is about to get easier


Investors are getting pumped about selling booze on-demand.

Drizly Inc., one of the biggest players in the market for online alcohol ordering, announced a $13 million funding round on Monday. The Boston-based company lets customers order booze online, or via a smartphone app, with the promise that it will be delivered within the hour. Drizly told The Wall Street Journal that the investment comes with a valuation of about $40 million.

Founded two years ago, Drizly partners with wine, beer and liquor retailers looking to expand their geographical reach while still managing to comply with local alcohol sales and delivery laws. The company currently serves 15 markets—including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, D.C. — though Drizly plans to use the new influx of funds to bring that total to 30 markets, while doubling its staff to 80 people, by the end of 2016.

“‘We’re in an industry…

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Day 31: Devil Take The Skillet


Mountain Man Traditional Healing



“Devil Take the Skillet” from “Stiff as a Poker” by Vance Randolph. Told by Mr. Sam McDaniels, Jane, MO., December 1928. He heard it about 1910, from old settlers in the neighborhood.

One time an old fellow was camped on Sugar Creek, a-trying to cook him a mess of fish. He built his little fire under a ledge, because it was a-raining. The wood all got wet, and there wasn’t enough grease, and the fryin’ pan broke so the handle had to be wired on. The old man was pretty hungry, and smoke got in his eyes, and it seemed like every thing went wrong. Finally the handle on the skillet come loose, and most of his grease spilled out in the fire. The old fellow belonged to the Pentecostal Church that don’t believe in cussing, but when the handle slipped he says, “Devil take it!“ Just then he looked…

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Amelia Earhart

Photograh, "Amelia Earhart deep sea diving off Block Island" Back 07/25/1929 Record Group 306 Records of the U.S. Information Agency Still Photos ID #306-NT-279C-34 Caption on back: "656265-AN AVIATOR LEARNS THE THRILLS OF DEEP DIVING. BLOCK ISLAND- MISS AMELIA EARHART, STILL THE ONLY WOMAN TO FLY THE ATLANTIC, EMERGES FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA OFF BLOCK ISLAND. 7/25/29." 14796_2007_001

Jensiper's Blog

The prompt for today is

who would be my teacher from the past and what would they teach me

Nothing pops into my head quickly. I have to think on this. I was thinking Amelia Earhart because

she could teach me what happened to her when she disappeared in that airplane all of those years ago.

She has always been someone I have admired. She was so cute with that short hair cut and honest face.

I can only wonder what horrible disaster befell her.

She could teach me how she became the person she was. Brave and daring. Unusual for a woman of her time.

Why did she press on. Why did she takes these risks. I know she married but I don’t know too much about why or who.

She never had children. i think she was in her early forties when she died but I might be…

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DARK of the MOON

DARK of the MOON


Sinners and saints

Sinners and saints.

Searching for the Truth


Indianz.Com – Your Internet Resource

Indianz.Com – Your Internet Resource.

Can Man Dan Johnstone | Striving to End Hunger in Edmonton

Can Man Dan Johnstone | Striving to End Hunger in Edmonton.

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