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Five Hole For Food

Five Hole For Food.


Searching for the Truth


Medicine Hat becomes the first city in Canada to eliminate homelessness – Home | As It Happens | CBC Radio

Medicine Hat becomes the first city in Canada to eliminate homelessness – Home | As It Happens | CBC Radio.

Molly-Gene-One-Whoaman | free full video download

Molly-Gene-One-Whoaman | free full video download.

How to Dumpster Dive for Free Food


How to Dumpster Dive for Free Food.

Depression Casserole

Food for Hunters

Hello! Rick here again. The following dish is one my mom learned when she was in junior high during the Great Depression. As you well may already know, times were real hard back then and families had to make their food dollars go a long way. She only made it through junior high because she was needed to help with the family income.

Alice Wheatley during Great Depression

I grew up eating this dish as well. As we kids were growing up, we went through some hard times ourselves. But mom always kept herself, dad and us five kids fed. She cooked in creative and delicious ways to get us through those times, and I am grateful for her. There is no real name for this dish. I call it “Depression Casserole” as that was the time it was introduced and later became a part of my family’s life. Times…

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this is depression


Published: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 03:04 AM.

During the Great Depression, unemployment was high, jobs were hard to come by and lots of folks had trouble putting food on the table because their meager budgets were stretched to the limit.
Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
With the U.S still recovering from one of the worse depressions since World War II, many people today are looking back at those “hard times” to learn more about how our parents and grandparents were able to manage.
One of the ways folks seemed to get by was because they learned to “make do, or do without.” They learned to make a meal out of whatever was on-hand, even if it meant finding a use for stale bread or wrinkled, old vegetables. No matter what, nothing went to waste.

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