Amelia Earhart

Photograh, "Amelia Earhart deep sea diving off Block Island" Back 07/25/1929 Record Group 306 Records of the U.S. Information Agency Still Photos ID #306-NT-279C-34 Caption on back: "656265-AN AVIATOR LEARNS THE THRILLS OF DEEP DIVING. BLOCK ISLAND- MISS AMELIA EARHART, STILL THE ONLY WOMAN TO FLY THE ATLANTIC, EMERGES FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA OFF BLOCK ISLAND. 7/25/29." 14796_2007_001

Jensiper's Blog

The prompt for today is

who would be my teacher from the past and what would they teach me

Nothing pops into my head quickly. I have to think on this. I was thinking Amelia Earhart because

she could teach me what happened to her when she disappeared in that airplane all of those years ago.

She has always been someone I have admired. She was so cute with that short hair cut and honest face.

I can only wonder what horrible disaster befell her.

She could teach me how she became the person she was. Brave and daring. Unusual for a woman of her time.

Why did she press on. Why did she takes these risks. I know she married but I don’t know too much about why or who.

She never had children. i think she was in her early forties when she died but I might be…

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