Day 31: Devil Take The Skillet


Mountain Man Traditional Healing



“Devil Take the Skillet” from “Stiff as a Poker” by Vance Randolph. Told by Mr. Sam McDaniels, Jane, MO., December 1928. He heard it about 1910, from old settlers in the neighborhood.

One time an old fellow was camped on Sugar Creek, a-trying to cook him a mess of fish. He built his little fire under a ledge, because it was a-raining. The wood all got wet, and there wasn’t enough grease, and the fryin’ pan broke so the handle had to be wired on. The old man was pretty hungry, and smoke got in his eyes, and it seemed like every thing went wrong. Finally the handle on the skillet come loose, and most of his grease spilled out in the fire. The old fellow belonged to the Pentecostal Church that don’t believe in cussing, but when the handle slipped he says, “Devil take it!“ Just then he looked…

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