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Hot and muggy all week long. It really does mess with my mental process.




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Taco Bell will serve alcohol in the U.S. for the first time


A new Taco Bell location in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago will serve customers beer, wine, and mixed drinks, according to reports.

The restaurant is part of Taco Bell’s rebranding effort, introducing upscale locations similar to the chain’s outposts in the U.K., Seoul and Tokyo, which feature more open kitchens and fancy serving baskets. The location will have an “urban” aesthetic, with exposed brick walls and murals.

Boozy drinks will be served only to customers eating inside, and they will come in special cups to distinguish them from regular soft drinks.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Taco Bell, owned by Yum Brands [fortune-stock symbol=”YUM”] has made moves to change its image: The company has also vowed to eliminate artificial flavors and coloring from about 95% of its U.S. menu.

For more about Taco Bell, watch this Fortune video:

[fortune-brightcove videoid=4257764375001]

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Sean Cox

Sean Cox.

Briden Solutions Community Feedback

Briden Solutions Community Feedback.

Spending Long Weekends with Power Plant Men Shoveling Coal

Power Plant Men

Originally posted on:  June 1, 2012

The first couple of years while I worked as a summer help at the Coal-Fired Power Plant Coal Cleanup was performed on weekends by volunteer He-Men that wanted to make a few extra dollars.  As a summer help, I needed all the extra money I could get.  My wages during the first year (1979) were $3.89 an hour.  This jumped to $5.84 an hour when I worked on the weekend, so you can imagine the thrill I had at receiving a paycheck that included the extra money made by doing “Coal Cleanup”.  Another great advantage to doing coal cleanup on the weekends was that I was able to carpool with different people.  So, during the first summer instead of just riding to work with Steve Higginbotham (See the post “Steve Higginbotham’s Junky Jalopy late for the Boiler Blowdown“), I caught a lot of…

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