moonshine and memory

Peace, Love and Patchouli

He sits alone
Glass in his hand
Thinking back to his
Listening to the music
Of his youth.
Where did the days go
The good times he thought would
Never end,
The girl he loved
Who walked away not so long ago,
He can see in his head
Those days so lazy
Spent in the park
Or cruising the shore,
No place to be,
He lifts the glass to his lips,
Sweet apple shine
Smells like the shampoo
She used,
He puts the glass down and sighs,
Too many memories
Too much stuff
Always getting in the way,
He stands and walks to the window
Searching the empty horizon,
He knows he is alone
He knows there’s got to be more.
Grabbing his keys,
His jacket he walks to the door,
Tomorrow won’t wait
It’s gotta be now,
Gotta get back to that girl,
Tell her he’s sorry

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