the stand

just 1 more

Have you read it?

Which version? As originally published, or the expanded later edition. Which was, in truth, written first. 😉

I’ve read both (not bragging, just saying). The shorter one twice, the longer one thrice. Although the way my brain forgets things to allow me to re-marvel at previously marvelled things means I’d forgotten most during this re-read.

Yes, I just re-finished it. And I don’t remember how I felt before. But this time I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts before they, too, fade…

First off, I am a Stephen King fan. Have been for more years than I care to consider. He can create a character and have me care for said character as well as anyone I’ve ever read. And he can set a scene so you live it. And he can tell a story. Probably most important.

However, while in years past I enjoyed…

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