“Beer” – Don Charisma’s Opinion


Don Charisma

Beer in my understanding is a carbonated drink which is made using hops, malt, sugar and yeast. It’s very popular drink with men, and still almost as popular with women. Malt in my experience has a slightly addictive quality to it. Hops I’m guessing add some “dryness” and bitterness to the drink so you don’t feel like you’ve eaten too much sugar, and not sickly sweet.


The yeast is used in the fermentation – yeast eats sugar and it’s waste product is alcohol. Mostly ethanol alcohol which is the normal alcohol we get drunk on, and a little methanol alcohol which can be toxic, although there’s not enough in fermented drinks to cause one an issue.

Beer is a very old drink and has cousins like ale and stout, which are made differently and taste different.

The most popular type of beer is blonde lager type of beer – Budweiser…

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