Bench Pressing Clouds

wisdom – i think

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • Many of You Were Taught Lies
  • By persons who didn’t know any better
  • Believing you’re an honest person
  • You repeat those lies, letter for letter
  • Word for word, because youdon’t know
  • Any better, you can bench press
  • Five-hundred pounds, and cannot move a cloud
  • That’s the power of ideas, expressed aloud
  • Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, Yahweh
  • Provethey had anything to do with creation
  • In any way, prove, without a look
  • In a man written book, that they are actually
  • God, who told you about them, mothers, men,
  • Who said your soul required salvation, mothers, men
  • Who told you about paradise, heaven, mothers, men
  • Who told you, they required your tithes or payment
  • Mothers, men, then the clouds came in, blockingthe Sun
  • Beneaththe clouds, you live in the light
  • Of men, who imposed these thoughts
  • Through your mother, into the womb
  • Striking

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