Getting stoned with locals…REALLY???

read after drinking

Culture Monk

pittsburgh 12

By Kenneth Justice

You give marijuana users a bad name!

~ A couple weeks ago I was back in my hometown and was sitting at coffee with a good friend of mine when an old acquaintance of ours stopped in, we hadn’t seen him in a long time,

What have you been up to dude?” we asked

Not much” he said

Though it was a mere two word answer, it turns out that it accurately encompassed what he’d been doing for the last year since I saw him last; not much at all.

Our acquaintance has an Undergraduate Degree in Liberal Arts and almost finished his Master’s Degree in education a few years ago, but dropped out because he got somewhat disillusioned with the college experience. He was working a steady job after he dropped out, but since I saw him last he…

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