Catholic Beliefs I Took for Granted

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Chapter TK

Back in March, I was having a thrilling conversation with Culture Monk and making him late for his next café visit. Our conversation touched on Catholicism, which I may have referred to as cult-like. I come from an intense Catholic family. After some thought, I’ve realized that it wasn’t Catholicism that made me feel trapped so much as the pressure my family put on me to be the perfect Catholic girl. While the religion still has it’s faults, it’s actually quite liberal when compared to other Christian religions.

For starters, Catholics believe evolution is compatible with creation. This is a belief I have held for a long time but I never thought of where I got it from. I don’t remember evolution ever being a big controversy when I was in Catholic school. What I do remember, however, is a homily where the priest explained there is no time in…

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