Writing isn’t work at all


Writing isn’t work at all… And when people tell me how painful it is to write I don t understand it because it’s just like rolling down the mountain you know. It’s freeing. It’s enjoyable. It’s a gift and you get paid for what you want to do.

I write because it comes out — and then to get paid for it afterwards? I told somebody, at some time, that writing is like going to bed with a beautiful woman and afterwards she gets up, goes to her purse and gives me a handful of money. I’ll take it.


3 responses

  1. *Laughing*

    I’m not sure I feel exactly the same way, but hey…good for you!

    Still, I agree with Bukowski all the way down the mountain until payment was introduced. Haven’t seen much of that yet, but if I ever will. It will be like rolling straight into a beautiful field of wildflowers at the bottom of the slope.


    1. Yeah, she isn’t saying anything revolutionary new to me. The naive idea of writing being an idyllic, bohemian lifestyle is effectively crushed the moment you start talking to published authors and read authors’ blogs, start counting the hours and listen to their set-backs.

      But I still think she is a bit too rough and discouraging. Somehow writing miracles do happen. Now and then new authors manage to actually write the novel that does blow the agents and publishers away on the first attempt.

      New voices enter the scene at the right time and find a slot where they fit perfectly. I’m not saying that that voice is me. I’m not at all dedicated and driven enough to be that. Apart from that I probably don’t have the raw talent, that must also mean that I just don’t want it enough, and I’m fine with that. But I wish everybody else a wholehearted ‘Good luck’ with their own writing.

      I guess I’m saying that we’re all better off with realistic (emphasis on realistic) pep talks and encouragement rather than cold showers.


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