Starting Now

From the outside looking in, not many of us saw a problem worth solving in the taxi business.  Uber founders did, and its rise is surfacing problems that have existed for decades.

Credit card payments serve as the perfect example of everything that’s wrong with the taxi industry.  Everyone knows that we don’t carry cash anymore- and the taxi industry doesn’t care.  You’d think that one innovative operator would put their customers first and blow the competition out of the water, but it never happens.  Why?  Because taxi fleets are owned by small, tight-knit, old-school groups of industry vets (true in every major market I experienced), and they don’t care.  They’ve never had to, because they mostly stick together and wield tremendous influence over municipal taxi authorities. From a market standpoint, they’ve remained convinced that there would never be an alternative.

Like all businesses, culture is established from the top-down and…

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